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Make change easier
by going through the
back door of your mind

How new behavioural technologies can help you
boost your personal and professional performance

From John Cliff, Certified NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner

Most people think change is something you have to push yourself into.
And usually the bigger the change, the harder you need to push.

But new behavioural technologies are showing there's a much easier and
more enjoyable way.

Techniques like Neuro-Linguistic Programming are teaching us that by
using the language of imagery and feelings it's possible to reach into
the unconscious mind and create new behavioural `blueprints' to
overprint old behavioural patterns.

This means you can effectively upgrade your `default' behaviours so
that the changes happen automatically and from within - and usually
without having to maintain a constant resolve or continually being
tough with yourself.

The techniques can be used for a wide range of behaviour changes, from
improving key aspects of your personal performance, such as motivation
and concentration, to getting rid of unwanted drawbacks like
procrastination and low self-esteem.

They can also be applied into training and skills enhancement programs,
especially for subjects as varied as persuasion and presentation skills
to enhancing personal rapport and creativity.

And by including techniques borrowed from psychotherapy and hypnosis,
it's possible to create powerful multi-level communications that
influence both sides of the mind simultaneously.

This means that new learnings are more likely to be integrated within
people's existing value and belief systems, so there's far less
possibility of unconscious resistance to new ways and procedures.

Along with a number of NLP colleagues, I've been exploring these
technologies for more than a decade.

We've studied the ways the conscious and unconscious minds interact,
and we've seen how easily the techniques can bring about fast and
lasting change amongst all kinds of people.

Of course, when it comes to the workings of the unconscious mind,
nobody knows everything. But we know these new technologies can make a
big difference to the way people perform - personally, socially, and

And in today's highly competitive cut and thrust world, it doesn't take
a big difference to make a huge difference.

John Cliff & Associates works with a number of highly professional
individuals and companies in providing consultancy services and in
running a range of corporate training programs.


John Cliff & Associates - Advanced Technologies for the Mind

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From Shy to Popular ($19)

Few people are truly shy. But nearly all of us from time to time
experience those occasions when a bit of pressure can have us stumbling
over our words and blocking our natural personality from coming

This e-book presents some novel inner-mind techniques to help you beat
nervousness and hesitation in all kinds of social and business
situations to free up the real `you'.

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From Shy to Popular - for social and business success

Switch Off Smoking (Free trial)

Switch Off Smoking helps you quit by turning off those nail-biting
cigarette thoughts that plague from the moment you decide to stop.

You'll learn how to overprint your old embedded smoking behaviours and
flood your mind with new cigarette-free imagery. As the smoking
reminders are progressively removed, you smoke less and less - until
there are no more desires and quitting becomes a breeze.

Click here for more info.

Altered State Writing - simplified and structured self hypnosis

Altered State Writing (Coming soon)

Much more than simple affirmations, Altered State Writing allows you to
create your own behavioural blueprints and then upload them to your
inner mind through a simplified form of self-hypnosis - sort of like
structured daydreaming.

It means you can program whatever behavioural changes you want directly
into your unconscious mind so they happen from within, easily and

Click here for more info.

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Thamesgate House. 41 Victoria Avenue. Southend on Sea SS2 6DF. United
Kingdom. 44 20 8133 1785. Copyright 2011, John Cliff & Associates.

John Cliff & Associates - Advanced Technologies for the Mind

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About NLP (Free download)

A nutshell version of what Neuro-Linguistic Programming is all about -
how it came into being and the influence it has had in psychotherapy.

Plus, you'll get an understanding from an NLP viewpoint of how our
minds work, how we think, factors influencing our motivation, how we
use language to delude ourselves, and how we use internal filters to
make sense of the world.

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For more information, please click here to email me. Or you can phone
me on 44 20 8133 1785

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